My name is Steven Hartwell! I am a day/swing trader with a background in the financial industry. I purchased and graduated from Martha Stokes trading institute on April 9th 2009, and I never looked back! My journey has been all but easy. I spent a couple of years making mistakes, buying the high’s and selling the low’s. I spent thousands of dollars on junk courses, gurus and trading groups that promised millions!!! I am still waiting on those promises lol, but not holding my breath. I finally understood my instructor only could take me so far, but it was up to me to decide my profitability. I worked hours upon hours of research, and built many strategies until I found what works for me. I adapted a principle that I built my strategy on, and it is loosely based on the turtle traders. (Google It) My strategy is based on trend following. When the markets goes up I buy, when it’s tanking I short! Pretty simple!!! I started a company over 2 years ago called Global Edge Equity, this company manages a small portfolio of financial instruments specializing in currency and futures market. I created this blog to educate  also inspire you! Please take a look around this is my cyber home! Hope you enjoy!

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