I am just a man on a mission! Come and join my crazy, or watch, pull up some popcorn and buckle your seat belt. What are you looking at? You might be asking. I have a 20 history in the financial industry, I punched a clock, I decided 8 years ago to become a trader. I started trading a miserably failed over and over again. Made a ton of mistakes until I got some consistency. It was not easy, some days was pure hell! I never gave up, some people called me crazy, but what’s crazy to me is that you will spend your whole life thinking of what it would be like if you took a chance. OK, excuse me while I jump off my short soapbox, Hmmm… Now that I say that, I don’t even know what a soap box is!!! I just heard it all my life. Note to self, google soap box! Excuse my madness =). I am full time trader, do I win everyday? Nope! Do I travel all over the world? Do I even party like a rock star? Nope, nope and nope! I am a average guy seeking to better my craft and document this journey. I have recently started working with a company, well I will get to that later. I will be updating my journey and the trades, and the real money I win or lose on this blog. Hopefully I will get a call from Oprah! Then she will tell me how she has been looking for me her whole life, that I am her real son, she gave me up at birth. Kidding…. lol! I wish! So enjoy! I am just a man on a mission. Trying to build something and take care of the people I love, which is me! Nooooo Another joke, of course I am talking about my kids. Hope you will enjoy, and also thank you for enduring my spontaneous corny jokes. lol!


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