Sparking Innovation at a Company Can Spark Profits, Too

I really love this company! Wrote alot of articles about Apple

Emile Haddad Seattle

“Innovation” is a buzzword that has been tossed around business circles for years, and it never gets old.  After all, creating something new is the “bread and butter” of the most successful companies (think Apple and its trend-setting iPad).  The more that companies sink their teeth into new ways of being innovative while encouraging an environment of creativity, the more they have the opportunity to be fruitful in today’s competitive business world.

Allowing your co-workers and subordinates to explore brand new ideas essentially allows your business to capitalize on their creativity.  The people who spark innovation at a company are those who do not run away from challenges but rather those who welcome them and strive hard to develop productive solutions.

Being innovative is only one part of helping a company to be successful, according to business coach and consultant Emile Haddad.  Companies also need to work on sustaining this…

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