Apple Inc (Next Chapter)

It has always been a desire of mine to create a forum that offered insight,
knowledge, wisdom and education from some of the world’s wealthiest people.
What better way to become wealthy and successful than to learn from those
who’ve already accomplished wealth and success. This specially created forum
will take us down the path of wealth and success by offering in-depth interviews,
outstanding articles, and plain ole good common sense. What better time than the
present to begin this journey of discovery into the hearts and minds of the elite,
wealthiest people on the face of the earth.
One of the people I’d like to begin with is Steve Jobs, creator and founder of
Apple, Inc. I absolutely love their product, and not only that, but I gained much
respect for Mr. Jobs. Now, doesn’t that sound like a good ole success story?
His story is incredible. His passion could only have been surpassed by his
commitment and dedication to the company he started in his garage. As it grew,
his partners fired him from his own company. They were mistakenly oblivious
to the fact that Steve would return one fateful day to recapture his company once
again to take revenge from the people who ousted him. He went on to establish
Apple, Inc. as one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Hollywood, even,
wouldn’t have been able to make up this kind of story.

Now that Tim Cook is at the helm of Apple Inc., it faces a new chapter in the
history of the company. He is poised to honor the wishes of Steve Jobs to maintain
and further this “baby” of his. He not only faces the challenges in a highly
competitive market, he also has some rather huge shoes to fill. Dealing with critics
that watch his every move, he has to take great care to handle the shareholders
with the same care, or better, that Steve had. Furthermore, he also has to concern
himself with the continued hunger and greed of all the consumers who cannot get
enough of Apple products. What an enormous job!
Apple just released their earnings, and it shows signs of weakness, as  a result
they lost roughly $50 Billion during intraday trading hours. Mr. Cook donned his damage control hat and
meticulously soothed the investors’ fears. Yet, Apple is a very valuable company.
The honeymoon is over, and this is where the rubber really meets the road.
When Mr. Jobs passed away, there was a high level of emotion. The release
and launch of the Ipad Mini was received with mixed reviews and really hasn’t
exploded like some enthusiasts would have hoped. Now, people are beginning
to ask questions. The shareholders are asking the all too important question of
whether Tim Cook can really pull this off? Investors are fickle and will sell
now and ask questions later. However, Apple continues to carry the title of the
wealthiest company ever in history. Very short intraday dips can create huge
swings of losses, which the media will swoop down like they can smell blood in
the water.

My hope is that Mr. Cook will begin to assert himself to the degree of what Steve
Jobs saw in him to choose him as the captain of what became Steve’s “baby.” I
think Tim Cook has something special because he trusted Steve Jobs vision of the
Mac computer, wireless phones and tablets, some of Apple’s premier products.
Also, to boost the slumping music industry by partnering with some of the worlds’
leading Music and Entrepreneurial Moguls, was sheer genius. So, I trust he knew
how to choose a leader that would take Apple to the next level! Can Cook pull it
off? Will he be the Meg Whitman of Ebay? Well only time will tell. The whole
world is watching! =)Image



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4 responses to “Apple Inc (Next Chapter)

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  2. Very Insightful article, what do you feel are some of the biggest challenges , is,change in corporate culture, vison killers,media bias……would love some feedback!

  3. Reblogged this on GlobalEdgeEquity and commented:

    A woderful piece!

  4. Teresa I think it’s a little bit of everything you mentioned. The thing I want to point out is Steve Jobs was a visionary, who seen things before people recognize there value. Could it be that while the media is putting pressure on Tim Cook leadership abilities, to carry such a large company, miss to see that, because Steve Jobs always had an ability to see value there missing Tim Cooks true ability and value? Hmmmmm

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