Hello! I created this blog to share some trading strategies, that I find that helped me start making consistent interest on my money. This has not been an easy journey, there were a lot of ups, downs, and a lot of sleepless nights, that I just did not understand. I know success is  obtainable, and a lot of times we confuse something that is obtainable with easy! Just because you can do it does not automatically mean it is easy! I just want to shed some light on how I invest, and just give some basic instruction’s on how to grow your money you work so hard for! I have a tremendous team of people who will also give some information on how you can grow your capital, in a time that every time you turn on the news, your getting bad news, about lay-offs and shutdowns. We hope from this blog we can give you short straight answer’s, that is clearly stated, so even an 7 yr old can understand! I know a lot of people in the investing world,  from all over the world, and they can talk in  some heavy terms like, carry trade, dollar cost averaging, ROI and floating capital!!! When I first got in the business, my head looked like a cartoon character like it was going to blow a top! But now! It’s like the info I hear, is like riding a bike, once you learn you cannot forget it! So enjoy! I would love  your feed back! what you like to hear, and know, and I will make this blog an enjoyment place for people with high net income or people that is living paycheck to paycheck!


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  1. Stacy Davis Diggs

    Thanks for sharing, I am interested in knowing the basic’s on how to grow the money. At times when you see yourself living from paycheck to paycheck there seems to be additional expenses daily but you have a desire to invest some of your funds!

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